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Vision Training FAQs

Is there scientific evidence?

Yes.  Studies on vision training show it is effective in improving sports performance, school performance and concussion and brain injury rehabilitation.  Read the studies here

What is performance vision training?

Most eye exams have you read the eye chart, give you an eyeglass prescription to make the letters clear if needed, and make sure your eyes are healthy.

This evaluation has more to do with vision as a sense as opposed to the eyeball as an organ.  Things that relate to sports performance, school performance, traumatic brain injury vision, problems that are functional in nature even though patients have been told there is nothing wrong with their eyes or that they have a healthy eyeball.

Do you take insurance?

At this time, we do not take insurance.  In my practice, I found that most clients find it more cost-effective to pay out of pocket because of high deductibles.  

What is peripheral vision processing?

Peripheral vision processing starts a few degrees off center vision.  It’s just not way out by your ears.  Peripheral vision goes into the brain 25% faster than center vision.  It has to do with protection, like when you see something out of the corner of your eye and avoid an accident.  Also navigation like when you walk through a doorway or drive in your lane.  Peripheral vision is used when your eyes land in the right place while tracking when reading.  It’s also the secret to the zone where the ball is bigger and moving slower. 

Are lectures/seminars available for coaches, trainers, parents, etc.?

Yes.  Dr. Lampert frequently provides lectures and webinar presentation to international audiences, such as medical professionals, as well as on a local level to professional sports teams.

What do I need to do to prepare for my telehealth appointment with Dr. Lampert? 

Once Dr. Lampert identifies which type of evaluation is best for you -- related to sports, your child, a concussion, etc. -- we will send you a list of ordinary household items and electronic tests so that you can be evaluated from home remotely.

How fast does vision therapy work?

Dr. Lampert's intervention is geared toward fairly immediate results so that some improvements can be achieved in one session.  However, some cases do require several sessions.



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