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Learning Related Vision Problems

Education and Evaluation

Vision problems in school-age children very frequently lead to learning problems. The facts surrounding this knowledge have recently become so wide spread and the causes and cures so well known that in the state of Maryland, the Maryland Parents and Teachers Association will present the following Resolution at the June, 1999 National PTA Convention.

(1) Whereas, Eighty percent of what a child learns in the classroom depends on the efficiency of the visual system; and

(2) Whereas, Many visual skills are necessary for successful learning in the modern classroom, and

(3) Whereas, Visual skill deficiencies may contribute to poor academic performance, and

(4) Whereas, Typical “vision” evaluations/screenings only test for a few of the necessary learning related visual skills (distance acuity, i.e., 20/20 eyesight, stereo vision and muscle balance) leaving most visual skill deficiencies undiagnosed, and

(5) Whereas, It is estimated that over 10 million children (ages 0 to 19) suffer from undetected vision problems due to the lack of appropriate evaluation; and

(6) Whereas, Learning related visual problems, when accurately diagnosed, can be treated successfully, and permanently, and

(7) Whereas, In-school vision screenings is mandated by state law, but there is no specification as to which tests must be done or how frequently students must be screened, and there is no accountability to the State Department of Education to ensure that learning related visual skills are tested, and

(8) Whereas, Knowledge regarding the relationship between poorly developed visual skills and poor academic performance is not widely held among students, parents, teachers, administrators and public health officials, now therefore be it

Resolved, That the Maryland PTA, through its constituent organizations, provide information to educate members, educators, administrators, and public health officials about learning related visual problems and the need for more comprehensive visual skill tests in school vision screening programs; and be it further

Resolved, That the Maryland PTA, through its constituent organizations urge schools to include in their vision screening programs tests for learning related visual skills necessary for success in the classroom; and be it further

Resolved, That this resolution shall be forwarded to National PTA.

At Dr. Lampert’s Vision Center we want YOU to have the benefit of the knowledge that the cause of many learning problems are, in fact, vision-related, and that with proper professional evaluation and treatment, are very often successfully treated. Dr. Lampert’s Vision Center specializes in this type of evaluation and treatment and has done so in the same Boca Raton, Florida location for the past 20 years. Call us today to discuss your child’s needs. We are here to help you.

If you are not in the Boca Raton or surrounding area, please visit the website for the College of Optometrists in Vision Development(COVD) for more information or to find a doctor near you. COVD is a non-profit 501(c)(3), international membership association of eye care professionals which COVD offers optometrists and vision therapists the opportunity to become certified in vision development and vision therapy. Visit:



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