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Signs of Vision Problems

The following signs and symptoms usually indicate vision problems. Call our office for a diagnostic evaluation if you or someone close to you exhibits any of the following:

  • Holding a book very close (7 or 8 inches away)
  • Turning head to use only one eye
  • Covering or closing one eye while reading
  • Squinting for either near or far visual tasks
  • Moving head back and forth, rather than eyes, while reading
  • Omitting letters, words or phrases
  • Complains of seeing double or of blurred vision
  • Writing which is difficult to read, is crowded or inconsistent in size
  • Mistakes words with similar beginnings
  • Miscalls or omits “small” words
  • Excessive blinking or watering of eyes
  • Losing place while reading
  • Using a finger or marker to keep place
  • Headaches during or after reading
  • Misaligns digits in columns of numbers
  • Writing uphill or downhill
  • Reversing letters (d for b) or words (saw for was)
  • Rereads or skips words while reading
  • Excessive rubbing of eyes while engaged in visual tasks
  • Fatigues easily
  • Lip reading or whisper reading to reinforce comprehension
  • Poor eye-hand coordination, ie. difficulty with catching a ball
  • Burning or itching eyes