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Success Stories and Quotes

Oliver Marmol
St. Louis Cardinals
Minor League Manager

Dr. Lampert’s Vision Training has been crucial to the development of some of my players. Anthony, one of our minor league players had a batting average in the low .100 before Dr. Lampert’s Vision Training. After several weeks of using the program, he improved in several categories such as lowering his strike out rate from 54% to 21%. He also improved his slugging percentage while raising his average to .278 and hitting .297 in his last 10 games. I trust Dr. Lampert with my players as his training has shown time and time again that it gets results.

Patty Jordan, Professional Golfer

Patty Jordan, Professional Golfer

Pro Golfer Patty Jordan came to Dr. Lampert with a vision problem. When putting, she would look at the hole, look down at the ball, then back at the hole again. She then reported that she then felt like the hole changed position, throwing her putting game off. Dr. Lampert taught her some eye exercises which she could then practice on her own as she was unable to come into the Lampert Vision Therapy Center on a regular basis.

Patty wrote: “”In just one session Dr. Lampert diagnosed and explained my putting alignment confusion. He then gave me the tools to improve my condition. Knowing and understanding my problem provides relief.  Having the correct exercises to improve is exciting. Dr. Lampert gave me both answers to questions and solutions to problems. I now have the knowledge to adopt my putting routine to maximize my strengths and minimize my weakness. Best of all, Dr. Lampert’s eye exercise are specific to my performance needs as a professional golfer.”

Doug Jennings, Chicago Cubs

Doug Jennings, Chicago Cubs

While playing for the Chicago Cubs, Doug Jennings came to us complaining that he could not see the pitch 7 feet from the bat. He reported that the ball looked like a “BB” and that he could not swing his arms in time make contact. He could not understand this problem because he had 20/15 vision like Ted Williams. Well Ted could see the ball all the way to the bat. After doing sports vision training with Dr. Lampert Doug went to the Japanese baseball league during the strike and became MVP and tied the consecutive home run record.  He will tell you that Dr. Lampert’s vision training was responsible for this.

Jennings says he simply is seeing the ball better these days. He reports that “I trained with vision specialist Larry Lampert in Boca Raton and he told me I was a lefteye dominant person. He made me aware that vision is, in many ways, more important to hitting than the actual mechanics of the swing. Being a left-handed hitter and also being left-eye dominant, it was important that I got my left eye more toward the ball,” Jennings explained. “I began turning my head a little more toward the mound so that my left eye could pick up the ball at the (pitcher’s) release point.”

Tony Fernandez, Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays

Tony Fernandez, Cleveland Indians
and Toronto Blue Jays

We worked with Tony Fernandez before his season with the Indians when they took the pennant. In fact Tony hit the homer that clinched the pennant!  After additional vision training Tony’s batting average went from 286 up to 321 for the Toronto Blue Jays. He told Dr. Lampert that he continues to do his eye training several times a week and continues to think about what Dr. Lampert taught him and trained him to do while on the field.

Tony says: “I thank God for this Vision Therapy program with Dr. Lampert because through it I’ve become aware of what’s causing the problem when I’m not seeing the ball well, due to the poor judgment of depth perception and lack of focusing.”

Hensley “Bam Bam” Muellens, New York Yankees, Montreal Expos, Arizona Diamondbacks and Japanese Baseball

Bam Bam reports better depth perception and playing since Dr. Lampert’s Vision Training.  He writes: “Dear Larry, I think your work with me has definitely improved my game. I had ignored a problem in my right eye for years but a visit with you and sessions thereafter have improved my vision tremendously.”

Kiki Vandeweghe of the New York Knicks

“Vision training brought me back to peak performance. You can enhance a key skill to a higher level than by practicing or playing your sport.”

Don Mattingly, New York Yankees

“I used vision training to improve my hitting. Your hands must go where your eyes tell you. When I see the ball, I hit the ball.”

John Vanbiesbrouck, Florida Panthers

“Vision training helped my concentration and my quickness.”

Jimmy Conners, Tennis Professional

“Sharp eyesight has played the most critical role in my success throughout the years. If you are serious about your game you can turn to sports vision specialists to help develop fast reliable reaction time with your eyes.”

Dee Dee Lasker, Professional Golfer

“Vision training helped my visual concentration and depth judgments. It improved my shot and my putting is much more consistent.”

Jack Shoenfelt, PGA Golf Professional

“Dr. Lampert’s visual training ideas have undoubtedly made me a much better putter. I now have the confidence to know that all of my five and six foot putts are going in the hole.”

Charlie Rulapaugh, PGA Teaching Professional

Vision Training for golf is a real eye opener. Using the techniques in my instruction at our golf schools has really given the students and myself The Pro’s Edge.


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