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    Lawrence D. Lampert

       'Not your father's eye exam'

    Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert is a developmental optometrist and one of a select number of people in his field with a fellowship in developmental vision and vision training. Dr. Lampert sees patients from around the world for consultations and evaluations. He treats children who are experiencing problems in school due to visual learning disabilities as well as professional and amateur athletes who want to improve their overall level of performance through vision training. 

    He also treats brain-injury patients, people experiencing visual complications from excessive time in front of computers and more. 

    Using vision training techniques, Dr. Lampert has worked with players from the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, Miami Dolphins, Japanese Baseball League, PGA and LPGA golfers, USTA tennis players and world-class international athletes during the 1996 Olympics.

    Dr Lampert has been featured on The Golf Channel, NBC Sports, Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Sportsvision Magazine, Wall Street Journal, as well as other national and local TV and Radio shows.


    Spokesperson for Transitions Optical.  Official Eyewear of the PGA Tour

    Chief of Vision Rehabilitation at Whitehall Boca

    Medical Staff at Pinecrest Rehabilitaion Hospital and Delray Community Hospital

    Board of Directors of Future Visions Youth Development

    Advisory Board of The Parenting Place Agency

    Steering Committee of The Healthy Sight Institute

    Past member of Palm Beach County School Board Health Advisory Committee

    Past Southeast Regional Clinical Seminar Chairman for the Optometric Extension Program

    Past columnist for the Boca Raton News and Boca Kidz Magazine


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Maressa has overcome her reading comprehension problem and now enjoys reading. I am also proud to say that for the first time, Maressa made the honor roll with straight A’s!"
  • "Dr. Lampert’s Vision Training has been crucial to the development of some of my players. Anthony, one of our minor league players had a batting average in the low .100 before Dr. Lampert’s Vision Training. After several weeks of using the program, he improved in several categories such as lowering his strike out rate from 54% to 21%. He also improved his slugging percentage while raising his average to .278 and hitting .297 in his last 10 games. I trust Dr. Lampert with my players as his training has shown time and time again that it gets results."
    Oliver Marmol, MLM, St. Louis Cardinals
  • "I can’t thank you enough!! He no longer hates reading! In fact, he went from reading at a grade 2 reading level, to reading Harry Potter in one year! He loves reading now and I find him constantly squirreled away with a book!"
  • "I have searched the country for answers. Dr. Lampert and vision therapy made me as a professional golfer."
    Patty Jordan, Professional LPGA Golfer
  • "Dr Lampert, I wanted to let you I have experienced incredible results with your software package. I came to you because of what I thought were light sensitivity issues causing me much distress with my tennis game. Over the last 5 years I have bought and tried everything with the goal of improving my vision including custom lasik, expensive sunglasses, visors and you name it with no improvement. I did a search one day on the internet and came across your website listed under a sports vision specialist. I soon scheduled an evaluation in your office and I'd say within 2 to 3 weeks I felt my vision was improving. Now 5 months later unquestionably I am seeing and playing better than I ever have. I would strongly suggest to anyone who either is looking to improve their performance or just want to improve their vision give your product a shot. Thank-you again!"
    Steve Presson
  • "Dr. Lampert and his Eye Performance programs have directly benefited me in my pursuit of racquetball success. Despite being 50+ years of age, I can still hang with the youngsters—mainly because I can still ‘see’ the court, the ball, and my opponent as well as I did in my 20s. Just took 3rd in State Singles and fully expect to compete nationally within the next two years, thanks to Dr. Lampert.
    I will be touting your program every step of the way to Nationals in May."
    Keith "Goose" Moncrief
  • "Dr. Lampert’s vision therapy has undoubtedly made me a better putter."
    Jack Shoenfelt, PGA Golf Pro
  • "Since your therapy he has progressed to a recent 91 percentile test score… a dream for him and us."
  • "The Eye Performance Onloine Vision Training makes a night and day difference on how I see a pitch coming in. I can see the rotation better, the ball is more clear, my depth/distance perception improved drastically as I no longer swing at the low and away off-speed pitches. I rarely strikeout swinging or looking for that matter. A few of the strikeouts I have this season were acquired from very "questionable" calls by the umpire, but it's ok. The stats represent. I attribute my increased statistics not only by trying harder and a better approach, but to these eye-strengthening-exercises. I sincerely appreciate your help, time, and expertise on helping me become a better baseball player and improving my eyesight. Thank you!"
    Lawrence Weissman
  • "He [Dr. Lampert] actually got my focus better and I went on to win the tournament at FBR."
    Kenny Perry, Professional PGA Golfer
  • "After many eye exams from other doctors, for my son. Dr. Lampert was the first one to correctly diagnose my son correctly. My son could not walk up or down stairs, because he has double vision. Thanks to Dr. Lampert he now can! Will be forever thankful to Dr. Lampert."
    Tee Tee
  • "Vision therapy revived my career"
    Val Skinner, Professional LPGA Golfer

The Pro’s Edge: Golf Tips from a Vision Expert.